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Wake Up From the Illusion

Feb 1, 2021 | Healthy Living, Holistic Healing, Words of Wisdom

The time to wake up to reality is yesterday. While you are living in the illusion that health is a given right, the powers of persuasion and seduction of a general “healthcare system” are leaping and hopping at wide open opportunities to hold you in its proverbial hands. But how truly safe and secure do you feel about it?

The most current catastrophic movements that have nearly decimated our global ecosystem have proven beyond a doubt that we must urgently be attentive and proactive in our quest to safeguard our health. An assault by a virus together with artificial radiation is a recipe that cannot be consumed without dire consequences. The so called “sudden” appearance of a virus is itself a substantial illusion as we have been directed down this furtive path. The public has been made to believe that bat wet markets are responsible. Surely, the bats and the people who put them there are all to blame. Are we that gullible? And, what of the bombardment of microwave radiation into our bodies in this universal ocean of technological wizardry? A surefire combination for some real biological breakdown.

May we all be aware and ready to defend and protect the very air we breathe, the water we imbibe, the wildlife and the tree. A collective consciousness will be the way to remove the imminent peril that hovers in our midst.

Reviewing the science presented via multiple media reveals a massive rift between those who are keen on prodigious chicanery and those in favor of rendering facts and upholding truths in scientific research and inquiry. Deliberate alteration of data and unconstitutional savoir faire does not equate with fidelity, fairness and balance. It does mean that we need to come to our senses and put the health and wellness of our entire ecosystem as our top priority. How can we entrust our lives and natural environments to divisive forces that will definitively lead to suffering at every angle?

We cannot just accept what mainstream news media is pelting out at us every minute of every day. Political figures and pundits are making disturbing and often inaccurate proclamations that violate every aspect of a democratic society. Violent and hurtful language has disparaged truth. Question everything and repeatedly. Know your rights as a citizen of this country and protect them and all that our ancestors have fought to retain and uphold.

It is all a manifestation of unconscious living. An awakening is critical for our ultimate global restitution. Coming to our senses and ending the hurt inflicted upon each other takes a collective willingness to act. Consideration of this planet that we have come to call our home is our duty as its family.

For more information on truth in science and technology and how it is rapidly impacting our health, livelihood and future, please explore a trusted website at www.ehtrust.org. There you will find leading scholars of science, medical and other doctors, engineers, senators, teachers, journalists, children and innovators from world over who have been attentive and proactive in helping the cause for protection and preservation of our lives and the planet.

Wake up — it’s high time.

Peace and good will to all.


Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD, DipABLM