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August 17th, 2024 • 10 AM - 2 PM

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W-holistic Nutritional Counseling

Are you are trying to lose weight, increase energy, prevent or reverse disease, make sense of your supplements, or just want to improve your overall health? A customized nutritional evaluation and consultation can be a new beginning for you and your family!

Today, you may transform your life. It all begins with wholehearted determination to become the best you can minus the excuses and procrastination. Your health status is primarily a reflection of how conscious you have been of your decisions on food selection, preparation, and ingestion.

At the OM Center, the concept of a lifelong wholesome and balanced food plan is the most fundamental aspect of wellness. Our goal is to educate clients on how to evaluate their lifestyle choices and to empower you to achieve and sustain improved health.

Maria Scunziano-Singh,
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Appointment Requirements & Form Downloads

holistic cooking classes
healthy food on a table

A naturopathic medical doctor is available by appointment for guidance and reinforcement on nutrition using macrobiotic principles along with specific supplementation for individual needs.

Our retail shop, The Conscious Market at OM carries quality food, snack items, supplements, and other products for your convenience.

Call us or stop by our OM Center. A team member will cordially schedule you for an appointment with Dr. Maria Scunziano to get you started on your journey to transformation.

Call us today at 352-254-8090 to schedule your appointment.

About Dr. Maria Scunziano

Dr. Maria is a board-certified physician with a medical degree from New York Medical College who also holds a diploma from Clayton College of Natural Health as a naturopathic medical doctor.

She approaches all matters of health in a holistic manner and applies integrative techniques with a strong emphasis on nutrition and lifestyle strategies. Versed and continuously educating herself in the Macrobiotic philosophy, Dr. M knows the huge value that these concepts play in true health. She advocates cooking with Macro principles and considers it fundamental to proper balance and wellness.

Dr. M emphasizes whole patient wellness – taking into consideration the unique physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of each patient.