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The Chew-th and Breath of the Matter

We begin life as energy and all that we do is move in various planes of energy manifesting in a myriad of forms. Evolution has orchestrated the means through which all creatures will be able to take in the energies and it appears that while humanity has been...

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Macrobiotics “Yesterday and Today”

Is your diet making you feel energized, and do you get excited about creating your next meal?   There is a whirlwind of so-called health and weight loss diets out there today, really, enough to make one’s head spin. Some diets are like one another, and others are...

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Weigh Less – Want Less – Priceless!

How to Control Yourself and Be Healthier! By Maria Scunziano-Singh, M.D.   Are you truly ready to change your eating habits to become healthier and lose weight? Then the best place to start is with awareness. When you have a moment to yourself or have time to...

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Moringa – The Tree of Life

Moringa Oleifera is indigenous to the sub-Himalayan regions of North West India. It ranges in height from 5 – 10 meters. This fast growing, drought-tolerant Moringa Oleifera can tolerate poor soil, a wide rainfall range (25-300 + cm per year). When fully mature, dried...

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