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Awaken • Educate • Nurture • Heal

A collective effort of conscious energies to awaken, educate, nurture and heal. Herein lies a combination of exceptional talent, wisdom, and skill in order to make a positive difference – where the totality of health is the goal.
Be Consciously Healthy Book

“Be Consciously Healthy” by Dr. Maria Now Available for Purchase Online in Our Online Store

Take a moment right now to look, listen, feel and breathe. What is your body telling you? Your environment? Are you tuned in to those messages or are you going along in blissful ignorance about your health? Did you know that every decision you make today has a result, if not now,then years down the road? Those decisions lead to strokes, heart attack, diabetes, and other health conditions that are both avoidable and preventable. The power to change your health is in your hands!

Authored by Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, or Dr. Maria, as she is known to her patients, co-founder of Access Health Care Physicians and founder of our newly opened WellCome Om Integral Healing and Education Center, the book explores her whole-health approach, combined with conventional and alternative methods, that are instrumental in helping her patients lead their healthiest lives.

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Our Mission

Our goal at the center is to embrace and educate our fellow humans individually and collectively in harmony for the attainment and sustenance of health, peace and fulfillment in life. We strive to provide instruction and guidance on how to achieve successful outcomes in all aspects of living. This center is created to help all who come, especially young women and men (young in heart and mind), enhance their minds and bodies for all current and future endeavors.

WellCome OM Movement Studio Now Open!

Exercise & Movement
Food & Drink of Life
Acupuncture & Acupressure
Mental Health Therapy
Therapeutic  Massage
Life Coaching
Gifts of Nature
Supplements • Essential Oils • Aromatherapy • Chi & Life Force • Imagery • Light & Sound Therapy • And More

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About the WellCome OM Integral Healing & Education Center


The WellCome OM Integral Healing & Education Center, located in Spring Hill, Florida, will house a 5,000 square foot Auditorium which will host educational lessons, classes, demos, Shaman readings, concerts, speakers, dialogues, and performances. This building will also serve as a multi-use venue for weddings and community events.

WellcomeOm Center Auratorium Front View
WellcomeOm Center Yoga Building

Yoga Exercise Studio & Demonstration Kitchen

A 3,082 square foot Yoga Exercise Studio and Demonstration Kitchen will feature meditation, all levels of yoga, Qi Gong, Tai chi, pilates and other exercises and stress reducers. The Demonstration Kitchen will provide workshops, classes, and conscious eating.

Wellness Center

Massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, reiki, spiritual counseling, life coaching, Mental Health Therapy, crystals/ gems, sound therapy, hypnotherapy, addiction counseling, shaman readings, herbs, nutritional counseling, energy healing, and more will be housed in the 4,988 square foot Wellness Center in Hernando County.

WellcomeOm Center Therapy Building


Highly symbolic in many religions and cultures throughout the world, ōm is derived from ancient Sanskrit language that essentially captures the feel and totality of life. A sounding of ōm done repeatedly allows for a meditative state that can change the way one feels in a very positive way.


The Center will also feature a Gift Shop, Herbal Shop, Library, Museum Gallery, and Greenhouse. There will be areas of free play for the children, and an Aquaponic system for symbolic cultivation of fish and crops. Enjoy the nature paths and areas for free expression and meditation, all surrounded by vegetable and herb gardens, and flower and butterfly gardens for your enjoyment and peaceful reflection.

Community Involvement

The WellCome OM Integral Healing & Education Center is welcoming to all who seek gentle and conscious forms of therapy and is looking forward to having great community involvement. We will have interaction with local providers of healthcare — both conventional & alternative, as well as health food markets and other places of business that provide conscious products. We will also seek to incorporate schooling from the different healing disciplines with certification to provide people with opportunity to advance themselves in their areas of interest. We will interact with and assist with charitable work and issue an invitation to the community and beyond for experts in healing and life enhancement.
Chakra Color Chart Wheel

A Message From Our Founder

The time and space has come to create a center where all who are present may experience a new awakening. To you who aspire to health-full living on many levels with healthy learning as a priority we invite you in. It is through the minds, hearts and hands of WellCome OM staff that people of all ages may be facilitated to transform into healthier and happier beings. It is quite possible for that a person with low vital energy or dormant strengths emerge with a very positive outcome, for example.

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WellCome OM Center Updates and News

Articles for the Heart & Soul

The Everlasting M-OM-ENT

The Beauty of OM The beauty of om is perhaps only relevant to those who chant or meditate these two letters repeatedly or every so often. Well, let’s just say that these two letters are very important and happen to be part of all our lives. In fact, we are living in...

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The Chew-th and Breath of the Matter

We begin life as energy and all that we do is move in various planes of energy manifesting in a myriad of forms. Evolution has orchestrated the means through which all creatures will be able to take in the energies and it appears that while humanity has been...

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