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Honey Bee Day & Craft Fair

August 17th, 2024 • 10 AM - 2 PM

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Discover the Power of Authentic Healing

Our team of exceptional talent, wisdom, and skill is dedicated to nurturing and healing your mind, body, and spirit. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you and experience the difference that authentic healing can make.

Monday-Friday from 11 AM – 3 PM
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Our Mission

Our goal at the center is to embrace and educate our fellow humans individually and collectively in harmony for the attainment and sustenance of health, peace and fulfillment in life. We strive to provide instruction and guidance on how to achieve successful outcomes in all aspects of living. This center is created to help all who come, especially young women and men (young in heart and mind), enhance their minds and bodies for all current and future endeavors.

Community Involvement

The WellCome OM Integral Healing & Education Center is welcoming to all who seek gentle and conscious forms of therapy and is looking forward to having great community involvement. We will have interaction with local providers of healthcare — both conventional & alternative, as well as health food markets and other places of business that provide conscious products. We will also seek to incorporate schooling from the different healing disciplines with certification to provide people with opportunity to advance themselves in their areas of interest. We will interact with and assist with charitable work and issue an invitation to the community and beyond for experts in healing and life enhancement.

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Books Available for Purchase

Be Consciously Healthy Book 2nd Edition

Be Consciously Healthy

Awaken to Your Best Life

Authored by Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, founder of the WellCome OM Integral Healing and Education Center, this 2nd edition of the book explores her whole-health approach, combined with conventional and alternative methods, that are instrumental in helping her patients lead their healthiest lives.

The Conscious Eat Book Cover

The Conscious Eat

2nd Edition

What you eat becomes you! The Conscious Eat is more than just a cookbook — it’s a new way to look at eating and the relationship between food and your body. Using the four life elements of earth, water, air, and fire, The Conscious Eat brings an appreciation for the energy of food and its impact on our world and our bodies.