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Wellness…Not Illness

Mar 30, 2020 | Healthy Living, Holistic Healing

The road to well is paved with the goodness of the Earth…

What is wellness? A state of complete uninhibited flow of energy throughout the body and all its layers allowing for peace and balance of every organ system. Happiness manifests.

Illness? A condition of blockage of the vital energy flow in and through body channels/layers that reduces its integrity and functionality. Distress prevails.

I see our planet as a cosmic gift that the human race has been assigned to embrace, respect and sustain. Every element within and surrounding the Earth’s energetic field has been spectacularly organized with infinite cyclical patterns. The dawn and dusk of each day, the ebb and flow of the tides, the seasons of the year and the birth and transition of all of life forms are some of the wondrous rhythms that we all know and admire. And yet, we all seek to know what mystical omnipotence has designed such precise sequences. Ahh, the mystery of life!

There are the added features to this massive universe that I consider very special micro planets that follow these macro planetary/cosmic rhythms. Humans (animals, plants and other life forms) are these micro planets.

We inhale and exhale, ingest and digest and reproduce our environments. We are natural extensions or micro-units of the whole parent planet Earth.

Yes, we are integral bodies of and within a very large body.

The natural robust health of human bodies is correlated with the rhythmic patterns of nature. As we literally reflect the macrocosm, all of our functions flow in sync with nature. When we eat, exercise, work, play, socialize and sleep in the name of love for our entire planet, there is sustained wellness. Any and all deviations from purity of heart and spirit for our macro-micro planets can and will change the course of wellness to illness.

Whole food – cultivated and harvested with respect, natural nutrients and prepared lovingly by gentle, careful cooking (avoid microwaves, icy cold foods, smoked, deep-fried and high heat grills) – is critical for the path to total health. Another vitally important point is that whole food is to be chewed thoroughly and without haste for overall complete digestion. Timing of 2-3 meals between 8 am and 6 pm to satisfy body energy needs is a good schedule to maintain. Avoid late or very early eating. Anything less than conscious, nutritious eating has no value to the health and wellbeing of a person (or any living creature) and should be avoided for prevention of illness and optimal living.

In temperate climates, land and sea plant-based foods with added seafood (namely, fish with scales) are optimal for their overall healthful value. The same is said for tropical and subtropical climates. Very cold climates, however, may also see the use of sustainable and consciously sacrificed animal or seafood. These denser proteinaceous foods are added to the available land plants for increased energy needs of the human body in continuous frigid temperatures.

Fitness by various forms of exercise is essential for heart, brain, nerve, hormone, digestive and immune competency. Bodyweight should be in a normal range for height and age, proportional and without burden to the spine and joints. Performing invigorating movements outdoors and in the sun is key to setting the body up for proper sleep-wake cycling (melatonin formation happens with sunlight exposure and lack of sun can negatively affect sleep). Productive and gainful work, blissful play with friends, family and pets or creative activities that fulfill the spirit complete the human connectivity. The palpable personal interaction rather than the “virtual” one is strongly recommended for optimal harmony and reduced risk by artificial electromagnetic frequencies. Moreover, the release of happy-inducing biochemicals such as oxytocin and endorphins (natural pain relievers) with human-to-human/animal presence cannot be understated.

Ultimately, there is a primal need for sleep. This is equally important to that of nourishment and recreation. We cannot be well and in balance without this crucial posture at night. Sleep is very powerful in its effects to restore energy, repair and regenerate weakened or worn tissues and cells, help keep appetite under control and strengthen immune function. A 7-8 hour night sleep will only be attained if daily living is energetic (including sun exposure) with basic habits as mentioned above.

It is in your best living choices that will allow for a natural harmony of the macro and micro planets.

Choose wellness-not illness, for the sake of peace, balance, and happiness in this universe.

In health and wellness,

Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD

Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD, DipABLM