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Message on Higher Consciousness from the Founder of WellCome OM

Apr 1, 2020 | Healthy Living, Holistic Healing

Our history is where the lessons all are…

Unconscious choices are forcing us to awaken and change now.

Life begs for higher awareness. Our global misconduct with our natural world is resurfacing as we, yet again, face the power of the invisible world of both EMFs and viruses over our human physiological defenses. Our immune systems are challenged every moment as we struggle to prevent or suppress illness. But are we preventing anything??

As the current “novel” strain of coronavirus is causing a stir (bats and pangolins in China have been considered among the key sources), we need to look more closely at why these outbreaks are happening.

Truth be told, we have been preoccupied with technologically and, may I say, carelessly in our life habits. Since the First World War, we have seen the escalation of massive viral surges in many areas of the world. These eruptions are (very interestingly) coinciding with significant electromagnetic additions to the planet. Note the introduction of massive EM forces in the defense and communications industries right along with bombardments of chemicals into the environments (DDT, glyphosate and other organophosphate materials in agriculture). Moreover, there has been a tremendous explosion of new drugs, alcohol, artificial foods, endless beverage selections and other human practices that are all collectively creating a cryptic soup, the likes of which we are consuming on a regular basis. (This is not soup that I want to take in and hopefully you agree). We have pushed the proverbial needle way too far – literally…

Here is a reminder of all those pandemics and epidemics that came into our lives commencing about 100 years ago:

  • The Spanish Flu – (avian source implicated) in 1918 after soldiers returned home from war in many countries including Ireland, France and the US.
  • Swine flu, H1N1 – (began as human to pig transmission and pigs were implicated) of 2009 and considered a new version of the Spanish Flu of 1918.
  • H5N1 – (avian/poultry implicated as source in Asia) since 2003.
  • HIV/AIDS – primate source implicated in the 1920s with full re-emergence in humans in 1983 particularly in Congo, US and globally eventually.
  • Influenza A – (avian source implicated) known for more than a century with mutations continuous.
  • SARS-CoV-1 – (implicated source-civet animal) sold as meat in China in 2002.
  • Ebola – originating in Congo (fruit bats and monkeys implicated) detected in 2014.
  • Zika – (mosquito considered cause) originating in Brazil in 2016. Babies are born with microcephaly (small brains that cannot survive).

And the list goes on (within and around these mentioned above) that involves other countries worldwide. Only now suddenly it appears that because of the new virus in the air many people have a heightened awareness of the upsurge the multiple viral infections over the past 100 years.

Why have we not been more conscious?

In general, people are easily seduced by convenience, speed, ease of use and what “they cannot see”. The fact is, however, that we are heading further into a particularly dangerous state of global health. A reminder to all is that we are exploiting animals, birds and the entire ecosystem to the point of vast human suffering. A big concern – if not the essential key – is the technological disruption of the natural energy fields on the planet. The massive human-directed electromagnetic forces (EMFs) that are part of the cellular world have enveloped our planet and are affecting the cosmos around it. We have never experienced this prior to the past century.

In all this, we just happen to be seeing a universal transmission of novel viral strains that are emerging more and more. As humans assume increasing control over creatures and their habitats, the viruses are going to mutate and rapidly replicate for their survival. Viruses are technically “non-living” and must inhabit living creatures for their own permanency. These simple structures composed of genetics with a coating surrounding them) can undergo both intraspecies (within a group) and interspecies (between groups of species) transmission. The result is massive imbalances in the ecosystem and ultimately in our environments where we dwell, including the very bodies we live in!

Preventive strategies are important now more than ever in order for our nation and the world to keep well and life sustained. Let us make a dent in the viral issue with sensibility and better lifestyles.

Let us all reflect and act now to change the way we are conducting our lives.

Here are important sustainable moves everyone should make now:

  • Be calm and step back for a time to look at how you are living. Have you been treating your body and outer environment well?
  • Breathe slowly and exhale fully several times throughout your day in a peaceful posture wherever you may be – practice often!
  • Cultivate organic gardens and consume the plants as the majority of your food intake; eat clean natural foods only.
  • Take poultry and meat out of the diet more often and consider removing them with a proper balance of protein, fat and carbs from plant and some seafood sources.
  • Cook at home and eat with your loved ones.
  • Exercise outdoors daily and get a good dose of sunlight for best health; spend more time with nature and less with artificial settings and devices.
  • Avoid smoke, fumes and toxic air in general; use essential oils for diffusing/applying in home and office settings to clean the air and enhance your immunity and well-being.
  • Be with loved ones and friends – socialize in healthy settings outside and inside health-promoting indoor venues. Keep your distance for now but do not avoid being with others!
  • Help in any way you can to make life better for the planet.
  • Work productively and safely in any environment respecting everyone’s personal space.
  • Use natural stones like tourmaline, jasper, hematite and shungite along with plants and water features in and around your areas of computer devices. Turn off Wi-Fi and use only if absolutely needed. Hard wire (plug in) devices and less Wi-Fi use is recommended!
  • Use blue light blocking eyewear if you are working later in the evening on computer devices. This can help improve your sleep.
  • Stay clean and practice good hygiene without artificial chemicals used on the body or on the environment outside of the body (your home, garden, workplace, etc.).
  • Sleep soundly through the night after a good day of conscious living. Again, keep all devices turned off and especially away from your heads at night.

Preventive strategies are important now more than ever in order for our nation and the world to keep well and life sustained. Let us make a dent in the viral issue with sensibility and better lifestyles please. Put down or turn off the devices more often and turn off Wi-Fi when not in use (put in airplane mode) – cannot emphasize this enough! Remember that our children are all participating and they need us to be more aware and conscious of our actions.

We are all in this together, my friends.

Health to you all,

Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD

Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD, DipABLM