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Avert Disease: Re-Balance the Imbalance

Apr 15, 2020 | Healthy Living, Holistic Healing

The human body is a powerhouse of energy with a keenly orchestrated system of checks and balances to sustain it. At every fraction of time, there are forces – call them deific or divine – that protect the living body from utter ruination. In the world of science, this process is recognized as an exquisite evolutionary step that has its origins in the earliest and simplest forms of life.

Early life forms adapted to natural challenging elements, i.e. extreme temperatures, predation, etc., and actually changed their bodies. Eventually, higher sea and land plants and animals also had to transform in order to survive. Heavier fur, thicker skins, sharper eyesight, stronger leaves or roots, and noxious scents – or even seductive ones – all evolved, accordingly, for the innumerable species on this planet.

Our modern world is inundated by prodigious and diverse newer invisible and visible energy sources such as microwaves, cellular technology, x-rays (along with our ancient sun), microbes, artificial processed foods, drugs, and chemicals. In order to protect all that the body is exposed to vis-à-vis these energies – or any energy, the human body automatically enlists intelligent lines of defense with the immune system as its primary guardian.

The latter is wholly integrated with every cell of human tissue to come to the rescue when the needs arise – and they do on a constant basis. Any insult or disturbance in an organ or group of cells in a body cavity will instantaneously signal for a defense mechanism to be mobilized to protect and repair the mishap. Other systems that are to be fully acknowledged for their role in the defense department include the skin, liver, adrenal glands and the large intestine. These organs have a complex coordination of their own detoxifying and/or reparative mechanisms along with immune cell activity that conducts according to any given specific need.

(Special note: the impact of constant waves of electromagnetic energies, especially from cell phones, is a subject all unto itself. Educators should closely examine this issue and urgently act to protect our children who are the future leaders in this world.)

So, the problem is…the human body defenses can and will be overwhelmed by the distortive nature of many of these energies. Gleaning from the timeless principles of macrobiotics, a series of biological changes emerge when there is a state of imbalance.

Let’s look at how the stages of imbalance in the human body can instigate the onset of disease.

Stage 1: Generalized Fatigue

Normally, the body will discharge waste and toxins via breathing, perspiring, urinating and defecating. Physical and mental work with ideas, creativity, other gentle and loving expressions including intimacy are all forms of energy discharge. A natural feeling of sleepiness arises at the end of a day. All immune/defense functions will preserve and maintain good order of mind and body.

However, if there is exposure of excess food or other energies (often accompanied by deficiencies of quality enzymes, vitamins and minerals), abnormal dispersal will manifest as headaches, dizziness, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, excessive perspiration, frequent urination and irregular bowel habits. Other discharges like anxiety, tremors, shouting in anger and mental fogginess can occur as well. As days, weeks and months continue with these symptoms, generalized fatigue will arise. Unless corrected by proper diet, lifestyle and removal of other toxic exposures, immune defenses are heightened and constantly stressed. As a result, the fatigue will persist as a feeling of endless need for rest or sleep that ultimately will lead to the second stage of disease formation.

Stage 2: Aches and Pains

Muscle aches, headaches, cramps, gastrointestinal disturbances/pains, palpitations, worry, increasing anxiety, tremors, numbness and tingling are all added issues that can develop in this next stage. With continued exposures to various forms of radiation, processed meats, milk, sugar, artificial foods, drugs and other toxic environmental chemicals these problems are inevitable. Sudden accidental falls or injuries can manifest as distorted energies in and around the body. Proper guidance with removal and correction of the imbalances can prevent the next stage from developing.

Stage 3: Changes in Blood and Lymph Quality

If the above stages are not addressed, the blood and lymph will be overwhelmed and problems like skin eruptions, abscesses and skin cancers can develop. Infections can begin easily in eyes, mouth, respiratory tract, ears, bladder or other area. Depression and mood swings are seen, lack of productivity and loss of life direction are often noted at this stage of imbalance. Detoxification on many levels is necessary for one to halt the progression to more complicated conditions. At this stage you are advised to begin working with a health provider trained to recognize how these problems are managed with good preventive practices.

Stage 4: Accumulation

Sinus congestion, inflammation and pain are common at this stage with lack of corrective methods in stage 3. Pain and infection in the body cavities mentioned above occur with increasing frequency and intensity. Lungs can become heavy with congestion and pneumonia can develop. Breast cysts, lumps and prostate enlargement in men are common at this stage. Excess use of dairy, meat, oils, sugar, icy foods and drinks, chemicals in food and home/garden/workplace, various drugs, inhalants and other debris, electromagnetic exposure from cellular devices with wi-fi (many hours and close to body) all are contributing elements to the deteriorating condition of stage 4. It is imperative that one changes many aspects of one’s lifestyle for a chance of rebalance. Consult with a holistic or integral provider is highly recommended.

Stage 5: Storage

It is important to truly change a chronically imbalanced lifestyle to avoid reaching this stage of increasing biological disturbances. Here is where there is significant hardening of tissues such that we see abnormalities in heart, liver, gallbladder, intestinal, and endocrine systems. Ultimately, cancer develops. The help of a holistic practitioner is recommended to help restore the body back to balance in the most gentle and unobtrusive means. Conventional physicians will generally add medications and order various studies and procedures for the conditions that can be severe.

Stage 6: Neurological Disorders

From a macrobiotic perspective, this is a deeper deterioration of the transmission of nerve impulses – also known as chi or life flow – throughout the body generated by chronic imbalance. Mental depression, organ and system disturbances become even more pronounced. Joints, muscles and most bodily functions are impaired to the point of significant disability. Diseases we label such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and dementia manifest in this later stage. With a proper healing approach, it can take several months or years to ameliorate or seriously change the course of these conditions. One can persevere with determination and will to be well.

Stage 7: Self-Justification and Arrogance

This stage is one that none should ever enter. A time of detachment from nature and virtually the meaning of life, the moment of arrogance is a truly sad one. It is what starts and ends the whole disease process. Years of selfish disrespect and carelessness of the natural order of the universe leads to breakdown of the universe within the body. This reverberates to the world around and about the body. You see, the body is a microcosm of the macrocosmic world. If the mind has decided to violate and distort the body, it has done the same to the universe.

The goal here is to recognize that it takes conscious change to reduce or eliminate disease processes and ultimately heal the ailing body.

If you are not feeling well or know that something is not right, take the time to help your body restore balance. Seek the counsel and services of health providers who can help you redirect your life that may be on a downward spiral. Those who have the knowledge and training in a “wholistic” and/or integrative approach to health and healing, are recommended. It is best to find the path to wellness in the most logical, gentlest and harmonious ways. Do the best you can if you want the best outcome.

You are urged to act now – not later – and look at how you are truly living. How are you treating your body- your living matter? And, what you do impacts the entire world. Simply ask yourself: how much does it matter to be in peace and harmony with all of life?

Rebalance the imbalance. It is time.

Thank you,
Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD

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Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD, DipABLM