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Bringing Awareness to Mental Health with a Virtual Jeopardy Event

Oct 18, 2020 | Student Initiatives

Written by: Andrew Louis, 2020-2021 iEmpower Club Historian

During the pandemic, Hernando Students creatively raise funds for mental health awareness by providing a fun, educational experience for the community

In October 2020, at the WellCome OM Integral Healing and Education Center, the iEmpower Club was working hard to bring mental health awareness to their community by hosting a Virtual Jeopardy Game on Zoom. With some ingenuity and teamwork, this club organized an event that was not only enjoyable, but also helped to educate their community about a serious issue.

As the various teams faced off in this battle of the minds, they were able to gain new knowledge about what mental health is and the different ways that it can affect a person. In addition, with every participant giving kind donation, the iEmpower Club was able to raise money towards the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) as they work to provide support for those in need with mental illnesses around the country.

This exhilarating event began with the iEmpower Club President and Vice President giving a friendly welcome to the participants and was followed by a short explanation of this very popular game. This trivia game started off with our most energetic team named Top Gun. As the event continued, the team players would choose between the five categories: General Mental Health, Mental Health Stats, Mental Health Conditions, Physical Health, and Random. While all the teams continued to climb up in points, two particular teams were neck and neck for the top spot. However, after two riveting Daily Doubles, Team Star was the winner, leaving this illuminating event with the prize.

This event is a representation of the iEmpower Club’s mission to bring awareness to mental health. The entire group spent hours planning and organizing this Virtual Jeopardy Game so that when the participants signed off from this entertaining zoom event, they would leave with a newfound knowledge that would be beneficial to them for the rest of their lives.

On that Friday afternoon, the iEmpower Club was able to help inform their community about a variety of topics and help them to be aware of the significance of mental health as they learned about a few daily habits that will assist in maintaining good health. While this wonderful night of excitement and learning has ended, the iEmpower Club will remain committed to finding new creative ways to educate teens and their community as whole.

The iEmpower Club is a youth-driven group that seeks to educate fellow teens in the community about critical teen health topics. The club aims to provide the support, resources, and skills that teens need to improve their confidence and mental health. The Club is set to move to Springstead High School in the Fall of 2021.

About Andrew

Andrew Louis is the Historian of the iEmpower Club. Joining the club in early fall of 2020, he has been focused on supporting this organization’s work to bring mental health awareness to the youth in our community. Through this position in the iEmpower Club, he has been able to sharpen his writing skills and play a role in educating his community about a serious issue, while also learning more about the topic for himself. When he is not working with the iEmpower Club, Andrew enjoys writing sci-fi stories, playing basketball with friends or tutoring students in his favorite subject, mathematics.