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Simply Sensible and Gentle Defense

Apr 16, 2020 | Healthy Living, Holistic Healing

As we all attempt to recreate our life schedules and decide how to interact with our families, co-workers, neighbors, and friends with this ‘viral menace’, the need for self-care and preservation is glaring at us. A sensible gentle defense of what we have and its meaningfulness is needed. It cannot be ignored.

Now, there are many helpful actions that can be very useful with positive lasting effects for everyone. And, while you are social distancing now, you will want to take this opportunity to set out with a plan for self-improvement. If you are uncertain or confused about how to proceed, stop for a few minutes and answer the following questions:

  • How do I feel?
  • Am I breathing fully and comfortably?
  • Is my heart beating regularly and smoothly?
  • Am I eating/drinking healthfully? Consciously?
  • Am I exercising for daily fitness? Outside in sun?
  • Am I taking time away from cell phones and computers?
  • Do I sleep restfully?
  • Do I take time to meditate?
  • Am I working and/or playing productively?
  • Do I socialize with good relations?
  • Am I engaged in loving relationships?
  • Do I express respect and gratitude to family, friends, co-workers, ancestors, foes, trees, plants, animals, mountains, waters, sun, moon and galaxy?
  • Do I help those who are in need?
  • Am I taking care of the environment inside and outside the body?

Looking at each one…


Feelings may be shifting, and it is important to recognize and express feelings in healthy ways. Have a dialogue with one or a small group to openly discuss the sentiments and how you can help one another in difficult moments.


Sit upright with back straight and hands gently placed palms upward on your thighs. Breathe calmly, slowly with longer exhalations than inhalations. Focus on the end of the full breath before exhalation briefly. Let bad thoughts fall away. A powerful moment! This is cleansing and de-stressing. Try this for at least 3 minutes. Repeat at different times of the day – every day.

Heart Care

Place two fingers on the palm/thumb-side of your wrist and check your pulse as you sit or stand. Be familiar with that pulsation that reflects the heart pumping life’s blood through your arteries. Be thankful for its indefatigability to keep you going for a very long time! The heart needs exercise so get moving!


Chew a meal of quality nutriment that is worth the time and effort. Junk food and senseless indulgences will lead to illness. Your immune system cannot defend the body well without proper nutrition. A healthy dose of oral Vitamin C can be taken up to 3000 mg daily. Take a good multivitamin/mineral with iodine daily (check with your health provider if you have questions on this). Elderberry is a nice source of Vitamin A that is important for mucous membranes of nasal, throat, trachea and gut passages. A quality probiotic is very important, especially if you have taken antibiotics. Seek further guidance from nutritionist or one skilled in this area. Don’t forget to also feed your dog or cat quality food too.


Take a power walk, jog, swim, bounce, ride, play, dance, stretch, do yoga or partake in another form of movement that invigorates the body and mind. Start slowly and work your way up if just beginning. Fifteen minutes twice a day works well. Go outside for the best form of Vitamin D – just 20 minutes will allow the liver to form about 25,000 IU of this vitamin. Immune defense requires Vitamin D. Make these motions a habit.

Disconnecting Electronically

Turn off the cell phone or put in airplane mode when you are not using it to reduce exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that can impact your immune system, nervous system or entire body function. Take breaks from the computer. Use a succulent or other plant, a water feature or Shungite stone around the devices you use at a desk to also help absorb the EMFs. Avoid holding devices close to the body and especially head. Children and pregnant ladies must be protected even more!


To sleep well you must be active (see above), get some sun rays (once again, 20 minutes without sunscreen to provide healthful production of Vitamin D), relax and eat at proper hours. Consume your last meal of day 2-3 hours before bed. Turn off cellular/computer devices a good hour or more before sleep to reduce the stimulating effects. Slumber has its requirements and our bodies require sleep for every organ system to work strong and well.


Meditate mindfully in a calm and quiet position. Take the breaths as discussed above and let everything go with your eyes closed. Nothing matters but for the moment you are here taking breaths in and out, one after another. Try this for at least 5 minutes and take as much time that you need for a better day and night. Chant if you wish or simply breathe. Repeat often.

Work, create, design, compose and recreate with a sense of meaning and fulfillment.


Work, create, design, compose and recreate with a sense of meaning and fulfillment. Do that which makes you feel joy on your own or with a companion. It is up to you.


Yes, we all need each other. Solitude is good but more times than not- and especially now- we all need a buddy, be it a human, fish, plant or animal. Do not disconnect. Natural personal touch is crucial to the health of everyone. Allow yourself to love and be loved.

Respect & Gratitude

Let gratitude be part of your daily life. Remember those who gave life to you, came before you, nurtured and guided you. Give back to them and to the cause for a better world. Remember that we are all part of the universe that extends backward and forward.

Helping Others

Help those who need assistance including children, the infirm, animals, veterans of war, elders and whoever is calling for a hand or heart. Join a community garden, plant a tree or crop. Volunteer for others. It all can be done safely and can have positive benefits to your health.

Taking Care of Environment & Body

With all the admonition about hand cleansing, take care of the environment within and outside the body by using natural soaps and cleansers. Use ‘simple’ soaps without harsh chemicals, dyes or colognes. Leave your shoes at the front hall or door before entering your home to avoid tracking in chemicals and debris from outside that may be hazardous. Have a ‘home shoe’ ready. Pets need non-toxic cleaning as well. Please be much more conscious as you are washing your hands face, clothes, home and all where you work or dwell!

A sensible approach to caring and protecting yourself and the world around you will have long-lasting positive effects.

Health, peace, harmony, and joy be with you always.

Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD

Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD, DipABLM