Unify, Fortify and Transform

Apr 21, 2020 | Words of Wisdom

May I take this opportunity to express a world of gratitude to you all who have sacrificed for the sake of all humanity. Bravery and the drive to bring peace and harmony to a disturbed world is where you have gone and it is truly a massive feat for commendation.

If there is one motto to live by, this may be it: unify, fortify and transform.

The absolute connection cannot be denied or violated. The health and proliferation of humanity is fully associated with human decisions. The problems come when there is a breakdown and distortion in the communication between humans and the powerful energies of this world.

At this very moment in time – as has happened many times ago both recently and remotely – there is a reverberating lesson and message that we are to take better care and respect our environment both outward and inwardly for the sustenance of this magnificent planet.

We must all face an ever-present fact: we are responsible and accountable for each other and all that we come from.

To paraphrase the keen 16th-century scholar & poet, John Donne:

‘No one stands alone…each is a piece of the continent, a part of the main’

As we are faced with this latest novel viral “attack” in our midst, let us be reminded that the root cause of this apparent catastrophe flows through our very own processes, decisions, movements and so it has manifest itself.

We are repeatedly being messaged by Nature to collectively pull together – as we ironically pull apart – to improve how we live and make harmony and peace return as it should in the great wisdom of this universe.

The “virus” is part of the transformation that we are all experiencing. Call it a strange blessing or another strong lesson, it must be recognized and respected. Coronavirus – named for its “crown” of studs that surround its capsule or outer coat – is not a new virus. It is a variant strain from a larger family known as coronaviridae. It is a mutated form as far as we have been able to understand its composition.

The virus has moved from animal to human through the ages. The ‘usual’ state of the virus is not generally a cause for any harm to anyone, however, if given the opportunity to push through the immune barrier of the human body, it can violate membranes and cause some mild cold or even flu-like symptoms. Any pre-existing serious immune issues in a person may cause even more trouble. And, it is the combination of many factors in our daily living habits and decisions that are probable causes for the novel strain to have developed and taken a stronghold on many lives.

However, we shall not fear. We shall become more aware and take better care to help all and especially our children.

Important concepts to ponder are that our ecological/biological systems are not meant to be intoxicated, poisoned and disregarded for the sake of greed, profit or control. Our food, water, air, earth and dwellings are to be pure as possible and respected to the best of our ability. They will otherwise collapse. Let us be fully conscious of this.

Here and now may we unify, fortify and transform.

In closing, I will tap the wisdom of a Native American proverb:
Love yourself; get outside yourself and take action; focus on the solution. Be at peace.

In health always,

Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD


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