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The Power of Change: Self-Transformation and Leading a More Fulfilling Life in an Uncomplicated Way

Aug 30, 2017 | Holistic Healing

What is Change?

When we typically think of change, we usually think of altering something tangible and relatively easy to do. We rush to change the color or style of our hair, our clothing, the car we drive, the place we live, the job we have, or the food we usually eat. However, what about REAL change – the kind of change that has a profound impact not only in your life, but in the world around you? A genuine change is something we call Self-Transformation.

True self-transformation is attained by long-term interpersonal, societal, and global peace as well as preparation for a spiritual life. To begin the act of self-transformation, you will need to:

  1. Review your personal map of reality – Realize that childhood conditioning can lead to a distorted or disillusioned view of life that needs to be re-evaluated.
  2. Clarification of your values – Consider all aspects of your value system, whether universal, social/cultural, or personal values. These values must all harmonize to move on towards self-transformation.
  3. Self-Mastery – Become self-aware to gain freedom from unwholesome conditioning. This includes facing and purging anger, fear, hatred, resentment, depression, loneliness, neediness and self-centeredness.
  4. Transcendence – Develop inner consciousness and the ability to successfully resolve conflicts – to truly rise above it all. At this point, you will attain spiritual awakening and unconditional love for all life in all its forms.

How Can You Really Change?

Beginning the process of change starts with understanding some basic principles. For instance, your soul is a combination of five life elements with its own subtle energy. These elements are air, earth, space, water and fire. When you keep the basic life elements in mind and in balance, you can fully respect what life is and the why it needs to be revered. The soul is something we all have and it needs to be nurtured. When you feel unwell, that is a sign of soul imbalance. To retrieve and balance your soul, it may be time to change.

Change involves taking some key steps:

  1. Realize that you need to change – ask yourself, “What can I do?”
  2. Drop your ego – that sense of “I” must be released.
  3. Let go of de-fragmentation – your whole being is like an orchestra performing a concert.
  4. Integrate reality – put all of life in perspective.
  5. Attain transcendence – reach beyond yourself.

Where Do You Begin?

Start with this simple exercise:

  • Stop
  • Breathe
  • Listen Closely
  • Let Go
  • Begin

It is very simple – when all your senses are open, you will be ready to receive and release! Know that there are no boundaries.

Peace and Calm are always with you; simply go to it. Understand that the self is just a tool.

In fact, here are three “S-Pills” to take daily:
  • Stillness
  • Silence
  • Spaciousness

When you feel anxious, upset or disturbed in any way, just stop where you are and reach for these “S-Pills”. Instantly, you will feel your life change right then and there!

  • Close your eyes
  • Take a slow, deep, nasal breath
  • Exhale slowly through the mouth
  • Go right to your inner self and rest there – quietly and unshaken by anyone or anything.
  • Repeat these breaths for as long as you like.
  • See your inner peace and stay there with it.
  • Feel the power of the change, and as you do, chant the sounds of:

Om, Am, Lam, Vam, Ram, Yum, Hum, Om, Am, Lam, etc.

Repeat slowly and exhale for as long as you can. Empty the body fully of all breath.

When you open your eyes, you will physically notice the change!

Daily Decisions Make the Difference

To continue the journey of self-transformation, change in all aspects of your life is important. Here are some additional steps to take:

Clean Your Outer Surface

  • Massage your skin from head to toes.
  • Brush your body with a natural bristle brush to invigorate the skin.
  • Use only natural soap or shampoo.
  • Alternate warm and cool water for a more invigorating experience in the shower or bath.
  • Add a gentle moisturizer with natural oil to your skin before dressing.
  • Use natural fibers for your clothing like cotton, linen, and silk.
  • Any adornments should be simple, elegant, non-obstructive to yourself or the world around you.

Clean Your Inner Surface

  • Take in the Food of Life
  •  Food is energy and not a toy to be played with or disrespected.
  • Grow a garden and enjoy its offerings, if possible.
  • Take your meals in small quantities 3 to 4 times a day.
  •  Avoid junk food – it sickens the body.
  • Use only high-quality food for the best energy.
  • Do not eat after 8pm.
  • Eat whole foods from nature like leaves, roots, seeds, nuts, beans, grains, fish, sea vegetables, and some fruit.
  • Avoid animal meats and secretions, if possible.
  • Drink clean water.
  • Breathe clean air.


  • Yoga – a synthesis of mind, body and spirit using the breath-chi-prana as the force to take you wherever you choose to go.

Experience moves that open up your center within yourself – your vitality and your consciousness.
Did you know that it was a child that created yoga? Be that child – free yourself!

  • Running – try running on challenging terrain, going uphill, running over sand dunes.

If you can’t leave your home, march, jog, power walk around your house or lawn. It all works!

  • Trekking or Hiking
  • Climbing – Whether trees, rocks, mountains – why not?
  • Kayaking or Rowing
  • Wading through water with walking sticks

Sleep in Peace

  • A happy day of living leads to a tranquil slumber!
  • Laugh, smile and repeat with good fun and humor that is uplifting.
  • Prepare to rest for the night without any television or computer time.
  • Do yoga and/or exercise after your last meal for as long as you wish.
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate.
  • Let nothing bother your body, mind, or spirit.
  • Sleep!
  • If you wake up in the night, go back to meditating to quiet your mind again – repeat this as long as you need to for a restful sleep.
In the long run, here are three simple rules to consider:
  1. If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it.
  2. If you never ask a question, the answer is always no.
  3. If you do not step forward, you will remain in the same place.

Self-transformation has a dual purpose; not only does it involve the transformation and purification of your outer personality, it creates an awakening and strengthening of your inner self. With the power of change, you can transform now for a more fulfilling and enriching life for you, your family, your community and the world!


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About the Author

 Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh is a graduate of New York Medical College (’93), completed an Internal Medicine residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City (’96), achieved a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) Diploma from the Clayton College of Natural Health (’11), and is board-certified in Internal Medicine. Her accolades extend well beyond this, and include being an active member of both the American College of Physicians and Florida Medical Association, Florida’s Top Docs nominee, Cambridge Who’s Who entrant, author, public speaker, guest on WWJB-1450 AM, and more.