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May 14, 2018 | Holistic Healing, Press Releases

Who Are We?

The WellCome Om Integral Healing & Education Center is a unique facility dedicated to healing arts and education. Thoughtfully located in a harmonious setting, the center is positioned to foster wellness for everyone who visits and experiences this restorative environment.
Even the name of WellCome Om was designed to generate the concept of wellness to the public. The two letters “OM” reflect a profound, near-mystical meaning generated from ancient times. In fact, it has been described as a divine sound that reverberates throughout nature. For example, when “OM” is sung or recited in its natural incantation as “aaaa-uuuu-mmmmm”, it vibrates throughout the throat, abdomen, and chest to invigorate prime energy centers of the body. If you listen closely to nature, you will hear these sounds and appreciate the true meaning of ‘OM’.

The WellCome OM Experience

As you stroll through the landscape of WellCome OM, you will experience a rhapsody of stimulating scenes and sounds through color, light, and harmonious interplay between the environment and humans. The idea is to simultaneously stimulate and captivate the senses and to truly extend beyond to reach the inner core of one’s life.

The presence of abundant trees, flowers and other plants, an organic garden, a greenhouse, meditation path and its culmination and other hand-made, nature-friendly creations are all intended to enrich the experience.

There will be onsite recycling of all waste. For example, rain water will be collected via strategically-designed inverted roofing on the buildings that will then be received in cisterns. These receptacles will be positioned on the building sides that will ultimately be used to hydrate the plants and greenhouse. A ‘meditation path’ mentioned above, will meander from the buildings to a deeper area of the campus to a final oasis or sanctum that can be used for solace, meditation, or celebration.

WellCome Om is comprised of three buildings cradled in an arborous landscape specially designed under LEED (Leaders in Energy & Environmental Design) construction. This was done in an effort to maintain an eco-friendly, green environment in a detailed, one-of-a-kind production. In addition, these buildings have individual designations with their own significant meanings with ‘OM’ as an integral part of each one.

1. AuratoriOM – This multipurpose venue is designed to host lectures, demonstrations, performances, and celebrations of all kinds with a capacity for up to 300 people. Smaller events or meetings may wish to reserve our pre-function room that holds up to 50 people. Top of the line audio-visual equipment will be available as well. As an added feature, there is a special area for presenters with comfortable seating.


2. SatmayOM – This building is dedicated to truth for health and peaceful living. As a hub of experience for the mind, body, and what we call true spirit, visitors can enjoy:
Conscious cooking and consumption of food energy
Yoga and other art forms dedicated to the movement of the mind and body
Meditation that can generate a “stillness” that adds tremendous meaning and value to one’s life



3. ImOMi – This integrative multispecialty group of therapeutic pods or sections are devoted to the individual and unique energies of each person for enhanced health attainment. Those seeking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing will find this a place of great comfort through the skilled minds, hearts, and hands of very talented therapists. Other services offered include:
• Acupuncture
• Massage with privacy both in and outside the room
• Reiki therapy
• Herbal and homeopathic preparations
• Mental health counselors trained in traditional and alternative methodologies

An emphasis on alternative and traditional therapeutics will highlight this site, but the individual who may need conventional means to assist in the attainment of better health has the opportunity to be examined by a licensed, board-certified M.D.


What Do We Offer?

Learning and Development – Education is key and where we will spend most of our energy at WellCome OM. Teachers who are open and ready to impart their knowledge of truth in matters of health are welcome and encouraged to join in the effort to build more conscious communities. This includes:


  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Support groups
  • Demonstrations
  • Tools for learning
  • Young Adult and Teen Programs – We seek to sincerely reach the youth through workshops led by highly motivated and experienced persons. To communicate with adolescents and teens on all matters of their developing minds and bodies is an area of importance that we would like to embrace. The goal here is to help build more confident and knowledge-rich emerging young adults.
  • Meetings and Events – The Center is open to serve as a venue for small or large group meetings, celebrations, banquets and other activities. Advanced scheduling of these events will be possible through our administrative team. Anyone interested in such activities will be reviewed for the nature of the activities for the purpose of upholding the conscious and organic nature of the Center.
  • Retail Store – A retail area for purchasing conscious products ranging from personal care, crafts and other items will be incorporated. Food and beverage will be available in a food preparation area that will be on the order of a café that is associated with our cooking instruction area.
  • Memberships – Memberships are available with packages and schedules for visitors to the Center. Individual provider appointments can be arranged either on-site or via computer and other communication devices. The public may communicate with the Center online or in person. We would like to facilitate all transactions and reduce waiting time as well as the time usually needed to complete paperwork. Visitation and use of the Center will be arranged accordingly and all who seek to enter will be expected to uphold the integrity of the campus by following basic rules and instructions. This will all be available at a designated reception area.
  • Parking Area – The Center will have parking as well as walking entry paths for all visitors. Disabled parking and other walkways and paths will accommodate any special needs such as wheelchairs or strollers.

Awaken – Educate – Nurture – Heal

To maintain and promote wellness and healing at our Center, we seek to restrict use of Wi-Fi and cellular devices. By keeping this to a minimum, we hope to foster more awareness of the harm that these items will potentially cause to our environments both in and out of the body. Additionally, it is important for us to enforce the fact that we will be a completely NON-SMOKING facility.

As this is a Center for growth and enlightenment, it will continue to evolve and provide more and more opportunities for learning and development. The Center is intended to serve as a model for potential replicas in other areas that may very well extend beyond this region to other states and countries. Anything that we do at this campus can and will be transmitted across the miles on various forms of media and we are enlisting persons who will help in this effort.

At WellCome OM Integral Healing and Education Center, we sincerely hope to help transform lives as we utilize our conscious energies to awaken, educate, nurture, and heal.


Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD, DipABLM