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Living a More Balanced Life: Transform the Energy

Sep 29, 2017 | Healthy Living

A balanced equation can be simply expressed as:

What goes in = What comes out.


This is also true in life when it comes to energy. In life, the balanced equation could be expressed as:

All Energy in = All Energy out.



So, life is all about energy and its various forms. In terms of the physical, measurable world, energy can be in the form of food, radiant solar light, heat, gravity, chemical energy, and electrical energy that are all universally and naturally present. On the other hand, there are forms of energy that cannot be easily measured, if at all. This includes emotions, thoughts, ideas, and behavior. Whether measurable or not, all these forms of energy are interrelated and co-existent.

To live a more balanced life, we can help transform a lot of energy by making conscious decisions. It is not too hard to do, but it does take effort. Moreover, transforming energy truly needs to be done!

The beauty of energy in life is in its natural balance, but it can get very ugly when humans make poor decisions.

Here are some decisions that cause energy imbalances:


  • Disrespect towards life – this includes all of life on this planet
  • Assumptions that someone or something else is taking good care of things or concerned about energy matters
  • Ignorance and unwillingness to change or learn
  • Inattentiveness or lack of awareness
  • Poor understanding of the powers of nature
  • Artificial and synthetic ingredients bombardment
  • Useless and harmful food and drinks
  • Gluttony with food and other habits
  • Excessive animal and fish products as well as milk
  • Sugar abuse
  • Substance abuse such as smoking, consuming alcohol, etc.
  • Being ungrateful
  • Hate and greed

So, how can you live a more balanced life?

Stop, Look and Listen!

Start with these steps:

  • Become aware of everything you do – what you say, your breath, your food.
  • Focus on health and not disease.
  • Positive thinking is essential.
  • Be open and willing to change.
  • The past is gone – let it go and move forward.
  • Move your body as much as you can daily.
  • Get the waistline in its proper shape. No Excuses – This is a must!
  • Eat plants that are free of toxins.
  • Take in whole foods daily – any that are not altered are whole.
  • Homegrown or organic foods are best for the highest nutritional contents.
  • Use plant proteins for most of your diet plan.
  • Respect animals, fish, and all creatures – nurture and love them!
  • Be aware of animal lives taken virtually every moment. It is a hard thought, but you can help change it…
  • Eat less fish.
  • Eat less shellfish and poultry.
  • Eat less or no meat.
  • Eat less or no dairy.
  • Do not add sugar.
  • Use naturally sweet seasonings.
  • Be rid of artificial ingredients – It’s your life!
  • Choose the most natural living environment for you, your family and your pets. Home should be made of non-chemicalized natural woods and earth-friendly materials.
  • Play with your family and friends – touch them!
  • Meditate daily.
  • Spend time out with nature daily.
  • Keep the mind very busy while awake and stop to recharge it often for a moment or two.
  • Sleep without electronics in your room.
  • Say thank you to everything and everyone at every chance you get, in your own personal and public way.
  • Do not support abuse, violence, or discrimination. This does not mean “do nothing”, but instead, take positive action.

When you make respectful, conscious decisions for yourself and life around you, you will see how a natural balance manifests itself. Best of all, the world will probably be a better place with you!


Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, NMD, DipABLM