Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork & Cranial/Structural Therapy with Jen Stubbs

Jen Stubbs is a native of Florida’s Nature Coast and is excited to offer Structural Energetic Therapy, Cranial/Structural therapies, and Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork at the WellCome Om Center. She is a holistic educator and bodywork practitioner, certified in Cranial/Structural therapies, and she focuses on the mind-body connection and the body’s innate ability to heal and transform itself.

As a remedial educator in Waldorf schools in Florida and New Zealand, Jen experienced how holistic approaches to health, including therapeutic touch, bodywork and cranial therapies, can foster self awareness, individual empowerment, and a deep connection to one’s own body. Inspired to better support her own health and that of others, she started receiving, studying and practicing structural bodywork, cranial therapies, and the Hawaiian healing art of Lomi Lomi. She has a background in Western Herbalism, developmental movement, yoga, meditation, and Waldorf Curative-Remedial Education.

Jen holds certifications in:

  • Structural Energetic Therapy and Cranial/Structural therapies for children and adults
  • Sacred Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork completed workshops
  • Foundations in Western Herbalism (Traditions School of Herbal Studies, FL)
  • Waldorf Teaching/ Education (Taruna College, New Zealand)
  • Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree (New College of FL)
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Jen Stubbs, Honors BA, LMT, SET
FL Lic MA93807

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork Treatment

Lomi Lomi Massage Hawaiian Temple Bodywork

Lomi Lomi is an indigenous Hawaiian healing practice that includes, but is not limited to, massage. This beautiful art encompasses many different styles unique to geographic location and lineage.

Sessions offered by Jen Stubbs at the WellCome Om Center are based on the teachings of Tom Cochran and Donna Jason of Sacred Lomi in the tradition of Hawaiian “Temple-Style” Bodywork.

Unlike any other treatment on earth, “Temple-Style” Lomi massage is a full body treatment in which the entire body is massaged simultaneously in a continuous movement. The practitioner uses long flowing strokes (pressure adjusted to your needs) that run the entire length of the body in one continuous motion, working both the upper and under sides (draping covers the center glutes, breasts, and genitals for the entire duration of the treatment). The heart-centered intention, breath, and movement of the practitioner, along with the accompanying music, all contribute to a truly unique bodywork experience.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork invites you to fully let go and receive the gifts of a relaxed state, reduced muscle tension and pain, assisted cellular detoxification, increased circulation, relief from anxiety, and much more.

All Lomi Lomi sessions by Jen include a warm herbal foot soak before the start of the massage, and you have the option to schedule a longer session which includes Cranial/Structural therapeutic decompression techniques during an extended period of rest and integration.

Call us today at 352-600-4242 to schedule your appointment.

First time Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork clients should arrive to appointment fifteen minutes early to review and fill out the appropriate forms. Feel free to call Jen directly if you have any questions or would like more information about Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork treatment sessions: 727-808-3688


NOTE: You must be age 18 or older to receive Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. If you are sick, you cannot receive Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork until you have been symptom free for at least 5 days. 

Cranial/Structural Therapeutic Treatment

Cranial/Structural therapies are hands on techniques that create balance throughout the structure of the body and support healthy function of the Glymphatic and Lymphatic systems in the brain.

In each session, Cranial/Structural release techniques are used to free soft tissue restrictions, restoring balance to cranial motion with long lasting structural changes in the body.

Cranial/Structural decompression techniques are used to promote movement of cerebrospinal fluid, removing waste via the brain’s Gylmpatic and Lymphatic systems, which supports the immune system and cognitive function.

licensed massage therapy in hernando county

Cranial/Structural therapies were developed by Don McCann, founder of Structural Energetic Therapy.

Call us today at 352-600-4242 to schedule your appointment.
First time Cranial/Structural clients should arrive to appointment 15 minutes early to review and fill out the appropriate forms. Feel free to call Jen directly if you have any questions or would like more information about Cranial/Structural sessions: 727-808-3688

What to Expect From Your Session

After the initial or follow-up intake, you are made comfortable lying face up and acupressure is applied to your head, neck, and shoulder areas to induce relaxation.

The practitioner then uses firm but comfortable pressure when applying Cranial/Structural techniques to ensure both therapeutic outcome and a restorative, restful experience.

The session closes with an integration period where you may choose between a complimentary face and scalp massage or EMR-TEK Red Light Therapy.

You may schedule a longer Cranial/Structural treatment session which also includes myofascial unwinding and fiber strokes in the neck and shoulder areas, especially useful in treating muscular tension and tension headaches.

All Cranial/Structural treatment sessions incorporate Ultimate Longevity’s ground therapy mat.

NOTE: If you are currently taking prescription blood thinners, you cannot receive Cranial/Structural treatments. If you are sick, you may receive Cranial/Structural treatments but not soft tissue bodywork. You must be age 7 or older to receive Cranial/Structural treatments. Children ages 7-17 must be accompanied by a parent/ legal guardian who can be present for the entire duration of the treatment. Please call the practitioner ahead of time if any of the following apply to the adult or minor being scheduled for a Cranial/Structural treatment session: back pain or injuries that make lying face up for up to 45 minutes difficult; cranial surgeries (including plates, wires, etc.); diagnosis of brain tumors, Chiari, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorder; or any other special need, as the treatment session may require modification. Please call Jen at 727-808-3688.

Cranial/Structural therapies are used to address:


Headaches and migraines (acute and chronic)


Pain/ dysfunction due to structural imbalance, muscular tension, degeneration and injury


Right/ left brain integration (balance, movement, proprioception)


Stamina, endurance, strength, flexibility and athletic performance


Self care, wellness, and prevention of pain/ injury/ illness


Inflammation and swelling within the cranium


Concussion and TBI


Emotional shock and distress


Oncoming cold or flu


Early onset Alzheimer’s


Sleep problems (acute and chronic)


Autism and learning disabilities (attention, sleep problems, sensitivity to sensory input)


Difficulties concentrating


Problems with eye focus


Facial tics


“Brain fog” effects from anesthesia and chemotherapy


Sinus and inner ear swelling

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